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Seeking opinions – Is it time to forget “Naked” and rebrand?

A fellow Marketing professional, whose knowledge and opinions I admire and respect, has suggested it may be time to dump the name ”The Naked Marketing Company” in favour of something a bit more “grown up”.

The reason I called the business The Naked Marketing Company in the first place is because I wanted the company name to “send out a message” that we were a simple, straightforward, honest-to-goodness and down to earth enterprise… sleeves up and head down… no jargon, no spin and no bullsh*t.

And the use of the name has been a great attention-getter and conversation starter, as was the intention.

However, my friend suggests it may be time to move on and to focus more on ‘Philip Gwynne Marketing (& PR Consultant)’

At the end of the day I am the business, after all, so why not use my name? And my colleague feels that “for the type of clients you are looking to attract (and most likely to win) it makes you me look more classy” – and both personally and professionally I can carry off ‘classy’ more easily than ‘cool’.

He adds: “Equally, I’m not sure we’d really want clients to imagine us naked, lol. Equally I would have thought there was possibly scope to blog under The Naked Marketing Company but actually trade under your name if you wanted, though personally I’d be more inclined to just focus everything under Philip Gwynne.”

So…with this in mind… I’m thinking maybe of rebranding as GWYNNE Marketing & PR. New Year, new beginnings and all that…

I’d appreciate opinions and feedback from others: would you be more – or less – inclined to use the services of GWYNNE Marketing & PR or The Naked Marketing Company?

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