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Selling in a digital age – same old, same old!

Selling in a digital age is not about repeatedly pushing out information and sales gab about your company and its latest sprogget. It’s about educating your audience… your targeted prospects and customers… being useful, handing out words of wisdom, demonstrating that you’re knowledgeable about their industry and what impacts on them and it, and how you might have solutions to problems that may be troubling your audience.

You should consistently (note that word!) create and share great content that helps your customers, so that you stay “top of mind” when they need the kind of products and services you offer.

It’s all about building familiarity and trust with your prospects and existing clients.

In other words, there’s nothing especially clever or new about selling in a digital age – you don’t need lots of specialist knowledge or agency touts to do it. The same principles apply to generating more custom and sales as apply to selling the old fashioned, tried, tested and trusted traditional way.

Next time: The 3 main reasons people choose to buy from you – do you know them?

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