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Sign here for your completely useless household item…

September 14, 2016 Blog & news, customer experience, Marketing, Sales  0


The most fascinating thing I’ve read this week is a catalogue pushed through the door (I wish they’d use the letterbox -boom boom!) of small, plastic household items you never realised you didn’t need.

For example:

The cucumber ribboner –  to transform your cucumber into a curly whirly ribbon

A knife just for cutting lettuce 

The strawberry huller (perfect for removing caps and hulls from strawberries)

… and let’s not forget the heat resistant toast tongs.

There was page after page of (to my mind) entirely useless objects. But then, I figured, SOMEONE somewhere must be jumping for joy at the self-heating pet bed or the knee pillow (keeps knees apart while you’re asleep).

So the marketer in me got to wondering what came first: the market research that  revealed a vast previously untapped consumer demand for moth monitoring traps… or the laboratory full of inventor nerds creating non-slip duvet clips and sock pair pegs, which the marketing and sales teams have to try and sell to folk?

Can anyone enlighten me?

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