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So you think you know your customers?

February 16, 2016 Blog & news, Build a better business, Sales  0

There are eight distinct types of customers – and the categories seem to apply whether they’re business-to-business clients, business-to-consumer customers, high street shoppers or regular on-line buyers.

The eight types are:

  • Determined shoppers – know what they want, where to get it, how much it’s going to cost. Don’t need to be sold to!
  • Indecisive shoppers – may be overwhelmed by too many choices and, therefore, slow to make purchase decisions… or, simply, put off making a purchase decision altogether
  • Informed shoppers like to explore all the options on competing products, prices and methods of payment and are unlikely to buy until they’ve done the research
  • Reluctant shoppers don’t enjoy shopping either in store or online
  • Practical shoppers tend to buy on cold hard facts and are not persuaded by fluffy, emotional advertising, come-and get-me incentives or overly-fussy customer service. They are “in and out quickly” shoppers
  • Emotional shoppers are the exact opposite of practical shoppers. Their purchase decisions are swayed by their emotional responses to the product or provider.
  • Social shoppers are what used to be called “keep up with the Joneses” types. They want what their friends are having. They also like to be early adopters of the latest thing so that they become the decision leader among their friends.
  • Brand-driven shoppers are die-hard fans of a particular brand and products and tend to buy “no matter what”

Clearly, if you can identify what type of shopper you’re dealing with, you’ll have a far better chance of getting them to buy from you.


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