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So… you’ve done your Marketing- what happens next?

CLUE: It’s NOT “selling”!

The Marketing effort – window display, ads, special promotions, PR – are all designed to attract people to your goods and services.

What happens next, after they’ve been attracted and become interested, will determine whether they stay “just browsing” or convert to “just buying”.

The CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is the process that transports the enquirer from curious to convinced, from “just browsing” to “just buying”.

It achieves this by providing the enquirer with an opportunity to enjoy a personal experience with the product/service and with the person who represents it – the salesperson. Because once they’ve developed a personal interest/commitment/connection, it becomes difficult not to desire it and not to buy it.

It’s NOT about selling to people. It’s about letting people have… letting them enjoy… a personal interest/commitment/connection with what we’re offering – letting them touch it, taste it, smell it, stroke it, try it out, try it on, examine it, play with it, take it home, use it, test it, mess about with it, get familiar with it.

Why do you suppose car retailers are so keen for us to take a test drive? Because they know that once we’ve sat in the car, smelt the leather, held the steering wheel, listened to the engine go vroom and gone for a drive… it’s going to be hard NOT to buy it!

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