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Social media marketing – it’s not a magic wand!

Social media marketing should not be seen as a cheap, magic wand marketing tool that replaces or supplants other tried, tested and “traditional” marketing methods.

It’s like a snowball rolling down hill – it takes time to gather mass and momentum before it starts to show results in the form of presence, reputation and brand recognition, rather than direct sales.

I’d recommend using Linked In to forge business-to-business relationships and lift profile by posting regular business-leaning content e.g. “how to” articles, progress reports, accomplishments and awards, staffing changes and special offers.

Facebook is ideal for businesses with a large consumer customer base or with products available “on the high street” and for specific consumer-orientated campaigns that would put the business name and products in front of – and generate enquiries from – a wider audience who would not usually be reachable by other means.

The over-riding objectives of having and maintaining a presence on social media is:

  • To generate more sales enquiries over time, both solicited and unsolicited
  • To develop firmer and frequent relationships with customers and hoped-for customers through indirect marketing
  • To build brand recognition and business reputation in local, business and user communities

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