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Social media versus PR

In my experience, smaller businesses often forget the value of PR – i.e. self-generated publicity – when constructing their marketing and promotions plan.

Instead, they tend to favour marketing online through social media because they see it as a low cost (virtually no cost) form of marketing that they believe they can mostly do for themselves.

But it’s not a case of PR or online. Why not do both?

PR is all about generating free and favourable editorial coverage in newspapers, magazines and broadcast media that’s likely to be read by your customers and hoped-for customers. In other words, it’s like free advertising,

A good PR person can find the extraordinary in an organisation’s “everyday”and turn it into a news story that’ll wow an editor and so earn a prominent place in a publication’s pages.

But this is NOT an alternative to social media marketing.

Any PR story has the potential to be re-packaged as posts on Linked In, or Facebook, or Google or whichever social networks the organisation subscribes to. Iterations might also appear on the latest news pages of the website.

Whether it’s a paragraph in the local paper or a post in Twitter, it’s worth remembering: an inch of editorial is worth a page of advertising

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Philip says:
October 14, 2015 at 12:45 pm Reply

Allan Duncan, Experienced Marketing & Sales Trainer & Consultant, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire:
Very good points made Philip – all marketers should remember that there are many effective methods of communication – social media is definitely not the be all and end all.

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