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SUREFIRE WAY TO KILL SALES – Restating the features and benefits of the product or service

Would-be customers can always find a reason not to buy if they want, despite the salesperson’s best objection–busting efforts. So, a favourite tack of the salesperson is:

Restating the features and benefits of the product or service

Seeing the would-be customer changing their mind about buying, the eager salesperson believes EITHER that he’s not fully or properly explained the product/service OR that the would-be customer has failed to understand.

The salesperson’s response is to start going over again (and again!) in detail all the finer points of the product/service in the belief that, once the would-be customer “gets it”, they will be persuaded to buy.

The result is a face-full of features. A barrage of benefits.

But… if the would-be customer didn’t “get it” during the sales process… when they were able to have a personal interest/commitment/connection with the product/service and with the salesperson… they are unlikely to “get it” when subjected to a verbal onslaught of facts and figures and small print detail.

Watch their eyes glaze over as the salesperson goes into overdrive… see them nod politely and go “aha” as the salesperson delivers yet another factoid…observe them eyeing the exit while they plan their escape.

If the would-be customer was so keen on facts and figures and small print detail, they’d have picked up the product manual, brochure or technical spec and read that first before they chose to engage with the sales process and the salesperson.

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