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Telemarketing versus telesales: what’s the difference?

Telesales sells (or attempts to sell) your services and products directly to potential consumers over the phone. Telemarketing is meant to start conversations, arouse interest, create business opportunities and lay the groundwork for subsequent appointments and visits. But it’s not about trying to flog stuff to some person who doesn’t want it!

Both telemarketing and telesales are always going to be divisive and controversial among both doers and receivers. Many people dislike the cold calling approach, either as a caller or a receiver. Some people will always prefer a one-to-one personal approach, possibly as a follow up to an exchange of letters or emails.

As a starting point to get over possible initial hostility, it may be a sensible idea for it to be made clear from the outset to both callers and consumers the specific nature of the call: Why are you making the call? What’s your objective? Why are calling this person specifically?

Oh, and by the way, if you start calls (as so many do!) with the phrase ‘How are you today?’, it’s a dead giveaway at this is a sales call.


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