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The 4 Cs that build Customer Loyalty 2. Company Culture

According to customer service expert Darren Bugg, (chairman – Yorkshire Managers – director – The News Hound Ltd – editor – The Customer Service Blog, customer loyalty needs ‘buy-in’ from everyone in your company in order to be a success.

You must have a formal set of customer service standards (eg. time to answer phone, respond to emails, etc) and staff must be empowered to solve problems and given flexibility to use their common sense (trust your staff!)

Good customer service should be rewarded just as much as sales, and customer retention is as important as gaining new customers.

Have a company culture that encourages genuine feedback from all customers both internal and external. In other words, if you’re not actually serving the customers, how about serving those that are?

Foster an attitude of gratitude – remember: customers pay our wages

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