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The 4 Cs that build Customer Loyalty: 3. Complaints

A complaint is an opportunity, not a threat. It’s an opportunity to LISTEN to the customer, to learn what they’re unhappy about, to discover what went wrong and to look at ways to put it right. Even if what they’re complaining about isn’t your fault. A customer who is listened to becomes part of the solutions and  is likely to think more highly of you and to remain loyal to you because you respected and involved them.

So make it easy for people to complain and give feedback. Remember, one person’s complaint might be just the tip of an iceberg of scores who have not complained to you but who are quietly seething and bad-mouthing your business to anyone who’ll listen. Under-promise and over-deliver on resolving the issue.

So apologise, even if it’s not your fault. The customer is NOT always right, but make them think that they are!

NEXT TIME: The 4 Cs that build Customer Loyalty: 4. Care

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