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The jobs we love to hate

I’ve only done it once. And, frankly, I was so surprised that I’d done it that I promptly forgot what went where and I’ve never managed to do it again.

I’m talking about changing the duvet cover (of course!) I know there’s a knack where you put it on inside out and then it magically transforms to the right way round but I’ve forgotten how that works and so I struggle, sweat and strain every time to get the darned thing to fit and stay on. I suppose I could invite a young woman up to my bedroom and ask her to hold on to the corners while I push and pull at the other end but that might be open to misinterpretation!

So, changing the quilt cover remains my least favourite domestic chore. I’d rather fill in my VAT returns. In fact that’s exactly what I was doing this last Bank Holiday. That’s the trouble with being owner/manager of a small enterprise – there are “a million” jobs I’m not really qualified for but which I’m obliged to do because – well – if it is to be it is up to me.

Thousands of small business managers (it’s the business that’s small, not the manager) have to “have a go at” stuff they’re not especially good at – for example, sales, marketing, public relationsaccounts, health & safety to name but a few – in order to be able to do the things they ARE especially good at, that they enjoy doing and that they actually WANT to do in order to make a living.

But because we’re not qualified in this “other” stuff, we don’t know whether we’re doing it right or not. So all we’re doing, really, is getting better at screwing it up!

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