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The reasons customers choose YOU

There are three main reasons people choose to buy from you rather than your competitor.

  1. PRICE = not necessarily because you’re the cheapest, but because you represent the best value for money in their terms
  2. PRODUCT = because you’re offering what they’re looking for. Which may, in fact, be extremely similar – if not identical – to other products available elsewhere.

So, the factor that makes the difference to the person’s buying decision – that tips the balance in your favour – is


The customer experience is everything about your business that leaves a lasting impression – for good, bad or indifferent – in the customer’s perceptions, feelings and “emotional response”.

Ask yourself: is the experience your business gives to your customers good, bad or indifferent?

*Why not get an honest appraisal of whether your business’s customer experience is helping sales… or hindering them. Tel 07549 153391 to request a discreet and free sales & marketing audit.

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