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The salesperson’s favourite excuses for FAILURE

Selling is a really tough job. How do we know? Because salespeople tell us it is! Salespeople are particularly skilled at finding reasons why they fail to sell. And of course, it’s never their fault.

Now, no-one’s denying that getting people to part with their hard-earned money and buy from us is easy (though if it’s that hard, you’re doing it wrong!) but where they don’t succeed in closing the sale, salespeople are quick to blame almost anything else for their failure except themselves.

For example:

It’s the product – it’s rubbish. Or nowhere near as good as the competitor’s product, or nobody wants to buy, or the market opportunities are gone, etc. Answer: surely, a good salesperson ought to be able to sell doorknobs to people who live in tents. And if you have no faith in the product, why did you take a job selling it in the first place?

It’s the price – either it’s too high so people can’t afford it. or it’s too cheap and people don’t trust it. Answer: if you can’t sell on price, sell on value and benefits

The sales targets are unrealistic – salespeople always complain their targets are too high. In their defence, companies that have to whip their sales team with constantly moving targets are evil!

It’s the marketing – good marketing people will consult and collaborate with the sales team to ensure they’re getting the kind of support they need to sell the product. Sadly, in far too many organisations, there’s a rift a wide as the Grand Canyon between sales and marketing departments.

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