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Time to review your brand?

A brand is the impressions, perceptions and associations that people make in relation to the business’s products or services. Good, bad or indifferent.

People can have positive or negative attitude towards the brand even if they have no personal experience of it. For example, people tend to associate Rolls Royce with luxury, prestige, status, power, celebrity, wealth… whether or not they’ve owned one, driven one or ridden in one. It’s those sorts of associations that cause people to desire a Rolls Royce.

So… it’s important to understand what people think of your brand, which may not be what management think it is!

Talk to customers and ask them what your business, brand, products and services mean to them – what words, images and impressions pop into their mind when they think of you.

Then ask yourself: are those the kind of impressions we want our brand to make? If it’s not, next step is to communicate your alternative brand values and messages to your customers and hoped-for customers so that they associate your business with positive thoughts and words

One of the most effective ways of doing this is through the use of positive publicity in newspapers and magazines that are read by the people you want to reach.

I’m talking here about a pre-planned programme of positive stories and features over a period of perhaps several months in order to create a climate of awareness about all that’s good about the business and is likely to produce positive associations in the minds of your target audiences

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