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“We tried Marketing for a couple of months but nothing came from it, so we stopped doing it”

Marketing is not a magic wand, nor an overnight fix, but given the time and effort it needs, a well-structured Marketing campaign can and will bring in new clients and additional business.

When companies tell me that they’ve tried “Marketing” but it didn’t work, I ask:

  • How do they KNOW their Marketing didn’t work? Unless you’re able to measure responses from specific parts of the Marketing mix, you’ll never know if and how well (or otherwise!) your Marketing is working.
  • How and what exactly were you marketing? I find that many people don’t understand what Marketing actually is or how to apply it to their particular business
  • Where were you marketing? You’d be surprised how many business bosses are unable to describe what their typical customer looks like. So they have difficulty targeting the people they most want as customers in the places and publications where these people can be found
  • How long did you do Marketing for? People often have false expectations of how quickly they want Marketing to turn around their business fortunes.
  • What results were you looking for? Six months Marketing or so should show results in the form of pre-qualified quality leads, engagement with prospects and deeper rapport with existing customers that will enable follow-up appointments, sales and conversions.

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