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What customers REALLY want from you

If you’ve ever navigated a website that wants to know all your personal details before it’ll let you buy what you came looking for…

If you get frustrated at having to negotiate past a robot telephone answering machine before you can speak to a real human being (if you’re lucky!)…

If you’ve ever been bamboozled by complicated terms and conditions…

Then you’ll know that one of the key things that customers want is to make it easy and hassle free to buy stuff.

An e-commerce or website “shop” should be a simple three mouse click process – find it, see it, buy it. The less time completing personal information the better.

Make the selling process obvious and “transparent”. Selling is simply the exchange of items for money – nothing more, nothing less. Make sure they have enough information to make their purchase decision. There’s no need to make it complicated. “Back office” admin is YOUR job to do, not the customer’s

Purchasing should be a seamless, smooth, swift process.

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