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What does an email campaign need to be successful?

For an email campaign to be successful – i.e. to generate new business and sales – it needs to go to the right people at the right time and ONLY to these people.

It needs to go ONLY to people who are interested in/can afford/may be willing to try. Sending to anyone else is a waste of time, effort, energy and resources.

Many emails/direct mailers fail because they are not targeted at the right people, they are sent to everyone and anyone, particularly if sent to a bought-in list provided by a list broker.

And because they are sent to everyone and anyone, not only will the vast majority of recipients not open, read or act upon the mailer, they are likely to commit it to spam or to unsubscribe from the mailing list. In which case, they are lost forever.

Also, people who keep receiving unsolicited and unwanted mailers can become resentful and frustrated and will not consider trading with you or your business as a result. Even if it turns out you have exactly what they’re looking for!

This is not to say that the “right kind of recipients” will be interested in what you email them about the first few times you email them. Just because they don’t buy, or even enquire, it doesn’t mean they will NEVER be in the market, it’s just that they are not interested now.

We are better off concentrating our efforts on people whom we might reasonably expect to be in the market for … interested in… whatever it is we’re offering, if not now then in the future – rather than hundreds or thousands of people who may not have even heard of us.



Bronwyn Reid mentioned you in a comment on your post.
Nice post +Philip Gwynn

Jones Kaisi, Owner at Jones Communications,  International Institute for Journalism (IIJ)-Berlin, Germany, Tanzania: Many e-mail campaigns fail because sometimes people are so busy and want short message so that later on could develop contacts ,but as busy as they are sometimes they delegate instructions and responsibilities to wrong personnel who might be there with different mission (s) apart from what they earn. Then sending to anyone else is a disappointment, challenge to be thought of positively, waste of time, effort, energy and resources, in certain cases loss of potentiality and strategic alliances.

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