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Employing a marketing specialist?

Thinking of employing a marketing specialist? Make sure they can do this (and ask how much they’ll charge for it!)

An interim, part-time or project-based marketing consultant is key to driving sales pipeline development, market presence and customer engagement.

Does YOUR enterprise have someone responsible for developing, coordinating and directing all aspects required to bring marketing campaigns to life in the field? Including direct mailers, newsletters, sales literature and related materials?

Whether bought-in talent or in-house employee, your marketing provider needs to work closely on the product positioning and proposition development, alongside the sales team. The role requires developing a variety of marketing channels including digital, online, print and point of sale. They should also be familiar with social media and utilise it to develop the brand.

In addition, the marketing person will be responsible for monitoring competitor activity and providing regular insight reports. They should lead on the PR strategy working alongside agencies to maximise the value and external perception of the business.

And if possible the marketing supplier should be able to measure the success and effectiveness of marketing campaigns and activity through developing appropriate metrics.

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Philip says:
December 4, 2015 at 9:01 am Reply

Dean Stonehouse, Home Loans and Business Loans, Perth, Australia:
That could not have been said any better. Indeed!

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