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What it REALLY means if somebody visits your showroom (phones you up, picks up a brochure etc)

If somebody wanders into your showroom (phones you up, picks up a brochure etc) they have already decided they want to buy the goods/service that you offer. Though not necessarily from YOU. The SALES PROCESS begins from that first point of contact.

The sales process is simply about persuading them to buy from you, rather than a competitor.

Marketing is everything you do to sustain and grow the business IN ORDER TO BRING ABOUT the sales process.

As a result of the marketing effort, the people whom we want to buy our product or service demonstrate their interest and willingness to be influenced by visiting our showroom, or phoning us up, or picking up a brochure, etc. for more information.

Or they will respond positively when we phone them for an appointment, or come back to us from a letter or mailer, or engage with us at an exhibition, or seminar or networking event…

They will clip the coupon or try a free sample or they’ll accept an invitation to attend a “cook and taste” session, or go to a lingerie/perfumes/plastic food container party; or take up the 7 days free no obligation trail, or come to the late night opening…

When people do these things they are showing that they are willing to consider buying our products and services, and that they are willing to consider buying them from us rather than from a competitor.

One way or another they show an interest in our products and services. They’ve come to us to find out some more of what they want to know in a way that engages with them, that captivates them, that draws them in, that encourages them to want to buy.

In other words, they are voluntarily engaging with our SALES PROCESS.

But they are NOT asking to be sold to!

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