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When a “prospect” isn’t

At a business lunch last week, I was placed at a table with a group of salesmen (sidebar question: what’s the collective noun for salesmen – a hustle? a spiv? a slick?) and the talk was all about the number of “prospects” each had.
Putting aside a generous allowance for BS (these were salesmen, after all) you’d be forgiven for thinking that anyone they met, spoke to or breathed the same air as was, in their terms, a “prospect”.
Which may be considered a healthy mind-set among the selling community but it seems to me it reduces everyone else into walking pound signs in their eyes. And that’s not my understanding of what a “prospect” is

A prospect is someone you’ve met, talked with, pitched to, presented to, submitted a proposals paper to, answered questions from… someone who’s probably already made a decision to purchase what you’re selling – but not necessary from you!

A prospect isn’t a prospect until the sales person has been given a solid promise that a purchase is about to made… with them … and when.

Agree or disagree?

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