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When was the last time you had a proper look at your own website?

It’s my experience that many companies set up a website and then IGNORE it for the next umpty years. The site rapidly becomes old, cold and out of date. Any visitor would be forgiven for thinking: “If they can’t even be bothered with their own website, what does that say about their attitude towards customers?”

The website needs to do 3 things:

  1. It needs to attract visitors. Direct marketing/direct mailing initiatives can be instrumental in this
  2. It needs to be “sticky” i.e. visitors need to find material that encourages them to linger longer and return; there needs to be sufficient content to keep them interested; content needs to be regularly refreshed, which would also have the effect of keeping the business high in the search engines; and the site needs to be easy to navigate
  3. It needs to have a means for visitors to interact, enquire, communicate with or contact the company… and for the company to do likewise with its visitors

If the website isn’t doing any one of these things – or, perish the thought, ANY of them! – it needs to be updated, either in its design or in its content or both.

And then, having been refreshed, it needs to be refreshed again – regularly.

Content management of the website should form part of the overall marketing and PR effort. Content should be managed, updated and refreshed frequently including for example, at Latest News.

Analytics can be introduced (if not already in place) so you can see if the site is attracting the people you want it to attract and how many and where they’re from and what they’re interested in once they’re on the site. This analysis will inform future development of the website and will also point to opportunities for marketing and sales campaigns.

The purpose of an improved website is to provide an engaging and attractive “shop window” and source of information that helps transport site visitors from just browsing to just buying.

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