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Why do customers choose YOU?

Buying is an emotional experience.

Price and product make up only 30 per cent between them of the would-be customer’s decision-making process, research shows. The customer experience – their emotional response, how they “feel” about you and your offer– is the remaining 70 per cent of their purchase decision.

The customer experience is everything your customer can see, hear, touch and feel about your company and its product/service.

That’s EVERYTHING – not just your products, but also your processes (how quickly you answer the phone, if you deliver when you promise to deliver) …

  • …your staff- are they clean, tidy, presentable, well turned-out, pleasant, smiley …
  • …your channels – do you sell and serve over the counter, by mail order, by retail premises – above all, do you make it EASY to buy…
  • …your communications – for example, brochures, sales literature, company newsletter, tweets, social media posts, letters, emails – do you keep them INFORMED? –
  • …your marketing and your brand and what it stands for
  • …and especially the way your business behaves

NEXT TIME: Do you understand what your customers REALLY want?

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