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Why “how to do Marketing” seminars are a waste of time and money.….

Everywhere, there are managers like you with some responsibility for marketing, who are buying how to “do” marketing books or attending marketing seminars or conferences or going on training courses in the belief that as a result, they will then suddenly and miraculously be able to “do” it. Or, be able to “do” it better.

But ask yourself this: if YOU were an “expert” in marketing, and YOU wrote a book (or seminar or conference or training course) for managers who weren’t, would YOU…

(a) Pour out your heart and soul… give every little bit of the knowledge you’ve worked so long and hard to acquire… and set out to write THE definitive book/seminar/conference talk/training course about marketing, the award winner, the headline-maker, the one that’ll get you guest “expert” spots on TV…that’ll turn round the professional lives of all those poor managers with some responsibility for marketing etc etc


(b) Be like an old-time striptease artiste, giving tantalizing glimpses but never the whole story? Would you reveal just a little bit… maybe recycle some old stuff…wrap it up in impressive-sounding jargon… maybe import some “latest” marketing practice from the U.S. because… well… a lot of these how to “do” marketing books are from the land of the hard sell and if it works over there, surely it’ll work over here?

The honest answer, obviously, if YOU were an “expert” in marketing and you had any sense at all (in particular, any sense of how to market your book/seminar/conference talk/training course) is (b) – you’d tell ‘em as little as you could decently get away with.

… because 1. (law of supply and demand) why would you want to “give it all” in one definitive book/seminar/conference talk/training course about marketing, when … by giving just a little bit at a time… you could sell more to an apparently unquenchable marketplace?

… and because 2. (the first rule of business) Knowledge = profit. If you’re an author/guru/trainer and you give away all your knowledge, then you give away your source of future income.

Which is why so many managers with responsibility etc etc, come away from their book/seminar/conference/training course frustrated and confused because they didn’t get the help or find the answers they were looking for. i.e. what marketing is and what it does so that they will have a better understanding of how to apply it to their own organization.

Books/seminars/conference talks/training courses might offer a few titbits about marketing techniques or tactics but do not – cannot – teach you how to “do” marketing.


Abhishek Kumar, SEO Analyst, Social Media Strategist & Content Writer¨Good post. Also check this blog post by me, where i have mentioned 8 important points to focus as beginner in Social media marketing. https://goo.gl/UBmnP9

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