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Why I’ve been turning away business for years

For years, I’ve been turning business away. It happens when a client or prospect asks if we can do them a website as part of our overall marketing and sales support. My honest response is to say I’m not qualified enough to actually build a website, but I know someone who is, and I refer the work on to a trusted associate.

But no more! Now we are offering a web-based sales aid especially designed for engineering and manufacturing SMEs.

We understand that when it comes to engineering companies, the website needs to be functional and not frilly. As long as you have a website that creates a good impression and has the relevant details then you’re good. Yes?

But we’ve worked with quite a few engineering and manufacturing businesses and – to be blunt – most of their websites weren’t doing much of a job in attracting interest or generating sales enquiries from likely prospects.

Any website needs to do 3 things:

  1. It needs to attract visitors. Direct marketing/direct mailing initiatives can be instrumental in this
  2. It needs to be “sticky” i.e. visitors need to find material that encourages them to linger longer and return another time; there needs to be sufficient content to keep them interested; content needs to be regularly refreshed, which would also have the effect of keeping the company name high in the search engines; and the site needs to be easy to navigate
  3. It needs to have a means for visitors to interact, enquire, communicate with or contact the company… and for the company to do likewise with its visitors

This can be achieved quickly and efficiently (and cheaply!) and will require minimum time from you. You can see a few examples of websites we manage at www.bpel.co.uk www.bandbprecision.co.uk www.silchrome.co.uk

For more details or a one-to-one chat in the, please call me on 07549 153391 or contact me via the Contact Us link at our website

PS. We also provide a number of marketing and sales services, including things like social media and quote chasing but usually a project like this is a good starting point

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COMMENTS: Darren Bugg I agree entirely Philip Gwynne – there are too many frilly websites out there. Unfortunately, a lot of web designers put style over substance because they don’t understand marketing.

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