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Why salespeople and marketing types don’t last!

One of the reasons that salespeople and marketing people tend to come and go so quickly within organizations is that they can see, they recognize, they know that the marketing approaches employed by their organization aren’t “working” as well as…  as successfully… as profitably… as they should, but they do not have the power to influence or improve the situation (let alone the understanding or knowledge of marketing).

They do not have the power to influence or improve the situation because their organization believes it has its “got it right” with marketing and is unwilling to consider alternative marketing approaches that could be more successful.

 If you work in this kind of organization, you’ll hear things like

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
  • That’s not the way we do things round here
  • It was good enough for my father and it’s good enough for me
  • We’ve always done it this way
  • This is how we’re told to do it by head office
  • It’s too late to start changing things now
  • Who are you to come into this organization and start telling us how we should do things
  • We tried that once and it didn’t work
  • It would be too expensive to do it another way
  • You just concentrate on doing your job and leave others to worry about the big picture

Faced with this kind of close-mindedness, it’s not surprising that so many salespeople and marketing people get fed up and leave. Those that stay, risk becoming broken-spirited drones.

Have YOU ever heard things like this within your organization?

If you have, you need to ask yourself: are you in the right job/with the right employer?

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